Premium lounge foyer

Elegant Qatar Airways Premium Lounge London Heathrow

Given Qatar has up to 7 flights a day out of Heathrow, seems appropriate that they should have a decent lounge offering too. This is a brief look at the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge London Heathrow.

I arrived at terminal 4 about 6.30am for my 8am flight, thus my stay was short. The Lounge is very conveniently located both for entry from Check-in (literally only a few steps after check-in and past fast track security to the left) as well as the gates Qatar departs from.


Access to the lounge is available by invitation only for Qatar Airways First and Business class passengers.

Premium lounge entrance
Premium lounge entrance

The lounge attendant was only too eager to greet me as I was still walking in.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge London Heathrow Space

Immediate impressions were of a serene and elegantly designed space.While the lounge itself is not huge, its very functional and divided up into several areas.

Immediately upon entry after the foyer is a relaxing area great for groups of travellers or solo leather seats which can be positioned as desired.

Premium lounge seating area 1
Premium lounge seating area

Further seating space are zoned alongside the window for those who like to watch the traffic outside.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge London Heathrow
Premium lounge seating area

Straight ahead, you will find a small business centre with a few workstations and printers etc, as well as the bathrooms.

Business centre
Business centre

There were only a handful of other guests. I cannot imagine this place getting busy other than perhaps for a short period in early afternoon, when 2 Qatar flights depart with only 50 minutes apart.

Food & Drink

To the right, there is a cafe stocked with fresh fruits, smoothies, yogurts, pastries and any hot drinks are served as ordered.

Premium longe deli
Premium lounge cafe


Premium lounge seating area 4
Premium lounge seating area

Further down, is a full service a-la-carte dining restaurant.

Premium lounge a la carte dining area
Premium lounge a la carte dining area

Again I was shown to a seat straight as I walked in. One oddity however, was that I was not offered any menu, nor were there any menus on the tables.

When someone came by a while after, I was told I can order almost anything I like. Given a choice of almost anything, I was rather stuck on weather I should order a full breakfast or have that for my first meal on the flight. I only had about 45 minutes before boarding. So ordered some scrambled eggs with toast and coffee.

Premium lounge breakfast
Premium lounge breakfast

The eggs were nicer than they looked. Coffee was great.

Cocktail Bar

The cocktail bar is the other side of the cafe. I did not try anything given the timing and lack of time. But it looks very smart.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge London Heathrow Bar
Premium lounge cocktail bar


As would be expected for any decent business lounge, there are nice showers separate for men and women.

Premium lounge showers
Premium lounge showers

Though I did not take a shower myself.

Overall thoughts

Getting ready to board
Getting ready to board

What struck me most was just how tranquil this lounge was, just for that as well as the elegant ambience and design, this was more akin to a first class lounge than a business one.

There service had the hallmark of Qatar excellence. Location within the terminal is brilliant. I love being able to watch the plane I’m about to board directly from the lounge. Other than a lack of a-la-carte menu, I cannot think of any flaws. The only thing lacking is any dedicated sleeping space, but this being Heathrow, there are no 24 hour flights.

It’s everything you need and more to set you up for a great flight.

Verdict in numbers
  • Space
  • Food & Drink
  • Staff Service
  • Amenities