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Travel Like A Pro: Award Booking Consultation Service

Looking for flight Award Booking Consultation Service? Want to learn how to travel like a pro?

As you can see, I have extensive knowledge and expertise in booking luxury flights up front. I have been doing this for the last 6 plus years via many different programmes and airlines. Over these years, I have learnt valuable lessons from many rookie mistakes.

I’ve adapted my goals and strategy over time so I am booking each trip the most cost affective way. A large portion of this is via miles and points, that I mostly accrue from flying itself in, followed by maximizing credit card spend effectively.

Award Booking Can Be A Daunting Process

Confused? Award Booking Consultation. emrcartoons820
Confused? Award Booking Consultation. Image emrcartoons820

How to book award flights is something I get asked about quite frequently. With the ever changing backdrop of airline reward programmes, evolving charts, currency devaluations and just knowing what may be the best programmes for your needs can be tricky. There are tools out there that can help

I absolutely love booking award travel, it is hugely satisfying when you are able to score that amazing redemption you have long waited for.

Award Booking Consultation Service & Coaching

I enjoy helping others book their trips and achieve their travel goals. Thus, I do offer consulting and coaching for readers who wish to perfect their own strategies that works for their circumstances.

Award Booking Help. Award Booking Consultation Service
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I believe I’ve perfected the best strategy to get the best out of my miles
in each and every specific programme. That said, the goal posts are everchanging and being able to keep on top of the award booking process  can seem overwhelming.

How can I help you book the best award flights? If you have a specific goal or dream trip/s you want to plan for in future or have already saved some substantial miles and looking for advice on their best use or just need someone knowledgeable to help steer you through a booking or trip plan, I do offer both ongoing and one-off consultation services to help simplify the process for you.

I’ve written about some of the best uses of Avios, valuable Aegean Award flights for Star Alliance carriers but there is so much more I may not get a chance to write about specifically.

If you would like too book a consultation with me, please book a free slot here.

I look forward to chatting with you! 🙂