BA Sale September 2023

BA SALE September 2023: Trick To Potentially Save £1000s

The next BA sale event is here! BA SALE September 2023 isn’t quite slashing prices to the bone; there are some good “adjustments” that still offers excellent value for some routes.

While you won’t find rock-bottom prices, there are certainly some enticing deals that maybe just right for you. And if you’re savvy about your booking strategy, you might just turn an acceptable Word Traveller Plus experience into an superb Business Class deal. So, let’s unravel how to maximize your savings and luxury!

BA Sale September 2023

Holidays ( Flights + Hotels or Flights + Care hire )

The headline deal here is £300 off BA holidays, where you book flights + hotels or car hire together. This ends midnight Tuesday 12 September. This is tiered however with a rather high spend requirement as follows:

  • An extra £300 off when you spend £10,000+ on flight + hotel
  • An extra £200 off when you spend £5,000+ on flight + hotel
  • An extra £100 off when you spend £2,500+ on flight + hotel or flight + car
  • An extra £50 off when you spend £1,250+ on flight + hotel or flight + car
  • An extra £25 off when you spend £650+ on flight + car

Thus equates to getting an extra 3% off should you be a family/couple spending more than 10k+. Not ground breaking by any measure.

There are some good holiday deals to be had however with 7 night Caribbean holidays for as low as £599 for Tobago/St Kits to £649 for Aruba, which is a fantastic deal (flying in economy off course)

£499 to Dubai for 3 nights ( first choice of hotels may not be great but can upgrade hotel to the Hyatt Regency is good for 528 )

Remember, you can book BA holidays with a small Avios deposit and also get Double Tier points until December 2024!

Luxury Flight Deals

There are some sales prices for Business Class but nowhere near the prices we may have seen pre-Covid. Could this be the new normal?

Middle East /Africa

Dubai – £1597

North American

New York £1760, Boston/Chicago/Philly/Denver/Phoenix all around £1800

Asia & Far East

New Delhi £1996

Interestingly, Beijing is on “sale” for £2597 but Shanghai is on at a non-sale price of £2322

BA East Asia Business Sale Summer 2023
BA East Asia Business Sale Summer 2023

Another odd quark is that Tokyo is on sale for £2898 in Business Class, which is good, but First Class standard price is £3498!! So you are most likely just better off booking First Class if that is what you prefer.

Premium Economy / World Traveller Plus

I think the best deals might be some World Traveller Plus Upgrade offers with rates as low as +£149 return inc of taxes/surcharges!

Premium Economy upgrades are rather restrictive with dates

But you can technically fly to Doha in October/November for £419 + 149 WTP Upgrade price!  For a total outlay of £568 for WTP is good ! You also earn 180 Tier points. If you were to book Premium Economy directly it is £636 direct. Not a negligible saving!

Aruba is also a good deal for booking in Economy for £404 + 299 WTP upgrade for a grand total of £703. This is over 20 hours of flying so makes a huge difference in comfort. Booking it directly on Premium Economy is £781

Just Show Me All the Juicy Stuff!?

Okay, so this is where things get really good. It may be a bit cumbersome, mind!

The headline price for Aruba in Business Class at the lowest point is £2055, and most likely over £3000 for most of the year.

BA Aruba Business Class Pricing
BA Aruba Business Class Pricing

Now there is nothing stopping you upgrading your Premium Economy flight we ran through earlier with Avios!! That would price out at 20k Avios each way for this route. For a total cost factoring Avios of £1103!

£1103 for flat bed luxury all the way to Aruba? That is a steal!!

Avios upgrade availability is limited but there are a fair few seats to be found right now, so be quick!

London Aruba Avios Upgrade Availability
London Aruba Avios Upgrade Availability

Ignore the Business Class pricing on this SeatSpy chart, it’s wrong!

If Avios availability opened up in March/April 2024 you could save over £2000 on current all out Business rates!

The same concept can be applied to Grenada/Punta Cuna/Doha/Dubai/Kuwait/India/China off course but I haven’t looked at the pricing out of it!

Overall Thoughts

This BA Sale September 2023 is more limited than we may be used to with price reductions much more restrained. However, given where flight prices have been last 2 years can represent a good deal if you are looking to fly out in any of those route offers.

Note the British Airways website is currently very glitchy, erroring out onto the outage page! So evidently enough people have already sniffed wind of the sale!

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