Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Deluxe Room

Review: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel, Still Retains The Glamour?

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel is a luxurious oasis born from a rich heritage that traces its roots back to Air France in 1972, and now part of the Marriott family since 2016. This establishment stands as a beacon of contemporary European design, thoughtfully infused with the vibrant essence of its local surroundings.

Nestled within 15 hectares of meticulously manicured gardens, cocooned by swaying palm trees, the Dubai property comprises 589 rooms. But does it truly deliver the touch of glamour and 5-star comforts you’d expect?

This was a very short visit to Dubai connecting on different itineraries before a morning flight out.

Location & Check-in

Exiting the airport, I seamlessly hopped onto the hotel’s exclusive transfer service to drop off my bags, ready to make the most of the day. The hotel is a mere 10-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, making it the ultimate convenience for travellers with early morning flights.

It wasn’t until later in the evening that I officially received my room key.

Upon check-in, the experience was efficient and cordial, although it might have lacked that deeply personalized touch.

My Marriot Bonvoy Gold status would normally make me eligible for space available room upgrades, but this is not a guaranteed benefit…

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby

My eyes were immediately drawn to this double staircase joining onto the first level and a corridor running through, it is a beautiful design brilliance in itself!

As far as first impressions go, this lobby leaves you with an indelible mark that you are in a holiday retreat. Here Middle Eastern and Dubai opulence seamlessly blend with chic and elegant vibes.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby Seating
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby Seating

Wherever you look the gold and chocolate trimmings were beatifically accented by relaxing mood lighting.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby Interiors
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lobby Interiors

I want to discover more, but alas, time was not a luxury I had if I wanted to make the most of my short visit!

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

Being a reasonably large hotel on vast grounds, there are 2 different wings to this hotel. The 196-room Royal Club wing features spacious 52-square-meter rooms as the standard, and each one comes complete with complimentary Club Lounge access, adding that extra touch of grandeur to your stay!

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Room

I booked a Deluxe Room in the standard wing.. which was more than enough for my needs..

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Deluxe Room (2)
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Deluxe Room

The room felt almost a little Nordic to me, like a stylish cosy cabin affect. It was almost 10pm when I actually checked into the room.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Deluxe Room
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Deluxe Room

The rooms design is on the more minimalist side, it was sleek and had various tasteful touches. I wasn’t quite sure what the art sculpture on the wall was though?

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bedside
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bedside

The bed was super comfortable with the luxurious sheets and down pillows. I had great restful sleep.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom is adorned with luxurious white marble tiling with an interesting feature wall by the bathtub that reminded me of a Delta Airline new A330 wall motif!

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathroom
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom was fully stocked with all the essentials & little conveniences you may need with a good bathrobe, slippers and various Essential Elements toiletries

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathroom Sink
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathroom Sink
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathtub
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Bathtub
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Shower Amenities
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Shower Amenities

Natural Elements Spa

Being a 5* establishment, it off course has a Spa, which I was planning on using in the evening. Unfortunately they were close at 10pm and you need to make appointments in advance!

Le Meridian Dubai Moroccan Hammam
Le Meridian Dubai Moroccan Hammam. Photo Marriot

For completion the following facilities are available for use/booking:

  • Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Wrap
  • Couples Massages
  • Eye Treatment
  • Facials
  • Fitness Classes
  • Fitness Counseling Services
  • Lap Pool
  • Makeup Services
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Massages
  • Men’s Services
  • Plunge Pool
  • Scalp & Hair Treatment
  • Separate Men & Women’s Lounges
  • Steam Room
  • Therapy Bath

Natural Elements Fitness Centre & Pools

Luckily the fitness centre is open till 12am which is handy if you are a night-owl or just jetlagged.

I used the steam room, which might seem an odd activity to partake in being in the Middle East but I was flying back to cold London!

Le Meridien Dubai Courtyard Pool
Le Meridien Dubai Courtyard Pool. Photo Marriot

There are various indoor and outdoor pools all around the hotel, unfortunately they were all closed by 10pm even inside the fitness centre.

Restaurants Galore

When it comes to dining this Meridien offers a mind-blowing array of choices. How many you ask? There are 19 distinctly different restaurants within the hotel compounds!

Covering all the major world delights from Middle Eastern, various European, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, it has it all! This may perhaps be the most extensive restaurant selection I have ever come across in 1 hotel. Rather remarkable!

Sadly, I was not staying long enough to take advantage of any of it. My room rate included breakfast, but even that I had to miss!

Best Way To Book Le Meridien Dubai Hotel

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lighting Around The Hotel
Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Lighting Around The Hotel

Here rooms start at around £210 per night for entry level rooms in the peak season but can be as 30-40% less in off-season periods directly. It is occasionally worth checking third party booking sites which can sometimes have offers for slightly less.

You can also book the room from 38,000 Marriot Bonvoy points per night. This is more pricey than other Le Meridien’s in Dubai due to being a higher category 5 star.

How To Book

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Overall Thoughts

One the whole this hotel gets a big thumbs up from me, I loved the room and thoughtful luxurious touches within it. In an age where it is becoming increasingly commonplace to offer a soulless/lacklustre hotel experience, Le Meridien still offers a touch of simple glamour from deco, ambience and the limited interaction I had with the staff.

Other than an airport Premier Inn & a 2 hour nap in Miracle Transit Hotel in Bangkok, this may have been my shortest hotel stay. And one where I would have happily spent a few days in.

I would recommend the hotel for a few days stop-over in Dubai!