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Peak into BA’s new Club World seat

OK so I may be all giddy with excitement today.. British Airways have planned a new Club World product to be introduced with the first delivery of their A350s

Over the last few days BA have been teasing us with a few previews containing little details of this new product via social media.
Many weeks ago, there was a source that even described the new product as a “suite” .. Which for some really raised the bar of expectation while others promptly dismissed as hype. All agreed however that an update was much needed.

The aviation worlds seems to be awash with speculation over some sharp eyed analysis of the pictures BA have revealed so far.

It seems this may be the new seat…

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Source: Formation Design / Rockwell Collins
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Source: Formation Design / Rockwell Collins

If this is indeed the product British Airways are going for this is hugely exciting! This not only would be a big leap up from their current Business class offering, but even puts their newest First Class introduced only in 2015 into the shade.

It seems the battle for the world’s best business class is still on.. And BA might, possibly reclaim that title once again.

Luckily, we only have to wait till tomorrow to find out!