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Travel & Tech

As you may know, my background is in Software Engineering. These days software touches all of our lifes, in almost every facet imaginable. Over the last decade I have been working on a huge variety of software development, from bespoke in-house application such as finance/hr systems, intranets, flight booking tools, e-commerce platforms and modelling software that monitors air pollution across EU states.

Current Travel Tech Goodies

There are a great travel related goodies out there already which help us travel better or help enhance it. Think SeatGuru for figuring out the best seats on an aircraft, CheckMyTrip for keeping track of all your trips already booked, AwardWallets for keeping track of our miles and frequent flyer programmes, SeatSpy/Redemption finder for finding specific awards to something like ExpertFlyer, which really helps those with very specific needs in travel.

There is no doubt many more that can potentially enhance our travel experience.

What Is Missing From The Travel Tech Space?

Being an avgeek, I’m always keen to work on more travel related ideas. I am going to start dedicating some time to this moving forward. If you are/were a frequent traveller what are some of the things that really feel like a pain points for you? For me personally, airport security has always been a pain in the ass, but alas software alone may not be about to fix that one.

Share your experiences with me! And maybe we can work on something?!