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Deal: Air France Business Class Sale From £1263

The last 18 months has seen airlines & air traffic begin normalisation. During this however, Business/First Class deals have come few and far between. We normally get some decent Easter/Black Friday/New Years sales. This year it’s all been rather unremarkable. Air fares and in particular Business Class fares has been sky high of late, pun intended! I may write a separate post on this.

British Airways & Virgin Atlantic did supposedly have a “sale” recently but it was simply not worth posting about!  All these sales fares are targeted for UK. Other countries have different offers.

Air France Business Class Sale

Air France is a decent airline offering a very competitive hard and soft product with great catering, nice lounges in its CDG hub, despite the airport itself generally being a nightmare to get in and out of! Besides relatively new A350s, they have also recently launched an even better fully enclosed Suite pictured here, which I will be flying in April!

AirFrance BC1
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Some of stand out deals are:

Dubai from £1263

Coming in at the cheapest end, but also one of the shortest flights is Dubai, which has good availability through most of the months I checked and currently pricing even less than the advertised £1299 fare

Air France Offer to DubaiAir France Business Class Sale
Air France Offer to Dubai

Lima from £1610

Air France Offer to Lima
Air France Offer to Lima

For slightly more but a much longer flight to enjoy the services fully, Lima is currently operated by the A350s too with a nicely updated product.

Rio de Janeiro from £1664

Air France Offer to Rio
Air France Offer to Rio

Similarly, Rio de Janeiro is a fantastic price considering how long those flights are!

Other offers include:

Accra from £1495

Nairobi from £1562

Seoul from £1598

Bogota from £1669

Saint Martin Island from £1870

Saint Martin is an incredible aviation geek destination with a beach offering a close up view of aircraft landings like no other and would definitely pique my interest at that fares. There is usually no good way to get there from UK besides Air France/KLM.  The caveat however, is Air France flies their older A330s there!

Oher than that most routes seem to be operated by either the A350/787 or 777-300 with newer seats or 777-200 with fully flat seats in 1-2-1.

Careful to avoid any 777-300 with older 2-3-2 configs. Also you want to avoid selecting any KLM flights as they offer very outdated 2-2-2 configured aircrafts in all of those routes from what I can see!

Sale Period

The sale period is from 05-25 January 2023. Air France flies from London Heathrow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester or Newcastle.

Terms & Fare Conditions

  • The fares quoted above are all changeable ( with fare difference ) but non-refundable. In most cases it appears you can get fully refundable fares for around £200 extra
  • Must book at least 14 days before departure
  • Minimum 6 days stay or return on Sunday night
  • Maximum stay 3 months

Overall Thoughts

Considering recent business class fare history across airlines I would say these are all very good offers, from a reputable and reliable airline that provides numerous connections options from UK and onto the destination you choose. From the flights I check most of the have decent connection times too, unless you specifically want to have a longer layover to spend more time in their lounges, which are worth spending time in.

Can book all offers directly from Air France here