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About Me

Hello, I’m Faze! A Londoner through and through with an eternal travel bug. 
I have been obsessed with aviation for as long as I remember. Have travelled quite extensively for the last decade through over 70 countries. Though for me its always been about quality rather than quantity.
My day job is all things tech. I am a software engineer by background. My interests go beyond travel.
For now, this is an expensive like an hobby.  I do like to immerse myself in local cultures, arts and architecture and can be abit of a adrenaline junky. Perhaps they can form the theme of another blog (if I can juggle the time! :))

Luxury Travel Is More Accessible Than Ever

Pier First class zenlike corridors

My travel habits have changed considerably over the years. By age 25, I had already travelled to over 50 countries across the 6 continents with my friends. But I had not collected a single air mile (much less use) from any of that period! 
Couple of years of pause and reflection it dawned on me, I could make my travel spends go much further by actually participating in loyalty programmes and started to use more helpful credit cards that actually reward my spend and loyalty.
Now look to maximise/enhance every trip before I even hit the airport. For me flying and airports is as exciting as destinations themselves! Most of the countries I’ve been to in last 5 years have mostly been repeat visits. I’ve managed to fly over 600,000 miles in that time, mostly in Business or First class. For the large part while having a full time job. I love my life in London but travel is a passion that I escape to. I am very fortunate to be able to travel in comfort now and lucky to be based in the world’s best city which connects the world to you.
A luxury travel experience can come with a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t always have to. More than anything else you need flexibility with time and keeping a keen eye on airlines. I am starting to appreciate the world of miles and points.  Used right, it can unlock more possibilities. I will cover these where I deem might be helpful or unique. Though perhaps by and large the points game may be already overdone within the blogging sphere?
If you don’t have the patience or time there are other ways. The airline business and the premium end is also more competitive than ever. Once in a while we see amazing deals if you can be flexible. With that, I want to show you how it may be more possible for you too!
While the credit card/rewards market in UK/EU is not as lucrative as US, it definitely should not be overlooked!
I will explore best ways of maximising the benefits frequent flyer programmes (though which programme is most suitable for you would depend on your personal circumstances and location). I will  share any direct airline promos with you. Hopefully, it will inspire you to travel and experience more of this beautiful planet in style!

Impartial & Objective Views

I don’t make any money though this site or through any product association.
Any review and thoughts I write here are products that I have paid for myself. They are an genuine account of my actual experience and observations on those occasions. Others may have a completely different experience on the same product, as is the nature of the business. True outstanding products and service always shine through for most of us.
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I’ve visited 76 countries.